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Our Story

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Our Story

Coming from a rather different industry, SunnyTales Swimwear founder and designer, Dimitra worked for many years as a corporate lawyer. After spending a dreamy summer semester in California, she realized that living by the ocean made her feel the most alive and that true happiness wasn’t spending her whole life in an office. That’s when the decision of making something truly meaningful with her life took place…

Ever since she can remember herself, Dimitra always dreamt of starting her own swimwear line, with a vision of combining her knowledge in business with her love for the beach and the ocean, her creative nature and her passion for traveling to the most unique places on earth.

SunnyTales Swimwear is a Greek luxury brand that features limited edition swimwear and beachwear designs with unique cuts and shapes, handmade exclusively in top manufacturers in Greece. The brand sources silky soft, durable and top quality fabrics from Italy and Brazil and is known for the vibrant colors, the exotic prints and seamless designs, paying careful attention to the detail.

The brand is addressing to sun chasing girls, wanderlust souls, daydreamers, sunset lovers, girls who believe in themselves and those that feel alive at the power and magic of the ocean.

SunnyTales Swimwear is made completely with love , because we strongly believe that if you truly love something, then you should give your whole heart to it..

We come alive in the heat of the season. We fall in love with mystical landscapes, empty beaches, beautiful sunsets.. Getting our toes in the sand, feeling the ocean breeze, listening to the sound of waves and seagulls in the background.. From bold colors in nature to the glow of the bonfire at night, everything turns into magic in the summertime.. 

Wild and free…a child of the sea, I shall forever be..

..follow the sun and create your own sunny tale..!!

Dimitra xx